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About us

We are a Private Insurance Broker backed by the desire to offer
a higher level service of asset protection, even to families with small estates.
We firmly believe in delivering a full, professional, independent and tailored
consulting service, identifying and offering only the most convenient and personalised options
to protect the interests of our clients.

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Our principles

Our mission is founded on 3 fundamental pillars:


3 Capital brings the customer in close contact with highly qualified institutional subjects only, acting as guarantor of both parties.


3 Capital offers the best solution based on the client's specific needs, without brand constraints and without conflicts of interest, operating in total autonomy.


3 Capital collaborates with major Italian and foreign banks, trust companies, asset managers and private bankers; it also works together with specialised professionals who operate directly with institutional managers and the client.

Our services

3 Capital offers a high level service, focusing on two different fields:

Private Insurance

We are specialised in consulting, developing and implementing insurance solutions aimed at managing, protecting and optimising the inheritance of financial and fixed assets.

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Tailored Consulting

We are able to offer a highly qualified consultancy service for the protection, management, conservation and inheritance planning of family and corporate assets.

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The advantages of Private Insurance

The Private Insurance is a legal tax-efficient framework, developed to meet
specific needs of individual investors through a refined use of the life insurance policy.


Everything included in the policy cannot be seizured or forfeited (ex art. 1923 Italian Civil Code)


The policy is exempted from the inheritance tax.


The policy gives you the possibility to plan which heirs to leave your assets to, with the same value as a will drawn up by a notary.



The policy improves your assets. The investment in the policy is exempt from capital gain until repayment. Choice of asset manager and custodian bank.


The policy allows you to save the inheritance tax and notary costs for drawing up the will.


The policy can be used as a guarantee, no restrictions on withdrawals, payments, extinction.

Why us?


3 Capital vi dà una mano

Because we make a difference.

3 Capital puts you in a position to increase the value of what you entrust us, offering only the best product available on the market chosen according to the clients' specific needs, guaranteeing solidity and growth in value of the conferred assets.

The goal is to offer innovative and high-level solutions, with a reliable and independent insurance brokerage service.

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