What is Private Insurance?

Integrating Private Banking and Asset Management features, the Private Insurance acts as a tax-efficient legal framework, developed to meet private investors' specific needs through a refined use of life insurance policy, posing as a financial and succession planning tool.

Life insurance policies are suitable to financial planning, allowing taxation optimisation for both small and large investors, whether they are private individuals or companies.

With the life insurance policy it's possibile to manage all the existing financial products, without any brand constraints and always with clear costs. Everything in full transparency and operational freedom.

Private Insurance's main advantages:

  • Asset protection: according to the ex art. 1923 of the Italian Civil Code, and the art. 514 and 670 of the Criminal Procedure Code, life insurance policies cannot be seizured or forfeited;
  • Fiscal efficiency: taxation on capital gains will be applied only at the time of total surrender and not annually, allowing you to reinvest profits by capitalising on them;
  • Free investment choice: the client, through his chosen Asset Manager, can invest in any type of asset, with access to any listed security having an ISIN code (Shares, Bonds, Government Bonds, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, SICAV, ETF, SIF, and more);
  • Possibility of transfering investments: with the disposal of the assets, it becomes possible to transfer investments previously underwritten within the policy;
  • Heritage planning: with a simple written communication to the Insurance Company, the life insurance policy holder can change beneficiaries any time, even by choosing them outside the inhereditament;
  • Pledge the policy or using it as guarantee: the policy can used as a pledge or as a guarantee for personal reasons, and can also be transferred to third parties;
  • Low entry threshold: entry thresholds for insurance policies start at €250,000;
  • Top-tier custodian banks: the capital is entrusted to leading Italian or foreign custodian banks.